The Last Two Weeks of the Semester as told by “Friends”

1. You go back to school after Thanksgiving break and have not the will to go on or to wear anything other than sweats because it’s cold and finals are approaching. Comfort is key.


2. You go to your last classes of the semester and your professor happens to mention your final exam includes two essays instead of one essay like every test prior. And guess what. It’s not on the syllabus either.



3. Your floor does not know the meaning of quiet hours and you literally cannot handle the sad, sad scene that is last minute slacker pow-wows in the library.



4. You are doing okay, but you are a bit stressed about those last exams and concerts and work days. And by a bit you mean you are trying to hold it together for a few more days without completely going insane. You’re “fine.”


5. Your professors are lecturing a mile a minute to get all of the material covered (like five chapters) in a period of fifty minutes on the last day of class and have no chill. Can you back up and repeat literally everything you just said, please? Take it down a notch or like twenty.



6. But some professors come in clutch and make the final optional.



7. You rush to get to last minute study sessions before the room fills up.



8. Your friends call you to tell you good luck on your exams, and you return the favor (and say a few hundred prayers).



9. You start looking at the exam questions initially, and they all appear to be written in a foreign language. Some of them might really be in a foreign language. You don’t even know.



10. In the end, you and your friends ace your exams because you studied hard…before the last two weeks.