Fish out of water: Tennessee Rowing differs from other UT sports

Tennessee rowers do not sign with the team to row in the SEC. Tennessee Rowing does not even compete in the SEC. So, how does Tennessee Rowing compete?


Advice for High School Seniors

HOLLA. It's your last year of high school. You are 180 or so school days away from walking across that stage and yelling out a resounding, "SEE YA!" as you pull out of what is, undoubtedly, a mess of a parking lot. But you aren't done yet. Here are a few things to keep in... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Coach.

I'm looking at my newest basketball. A Nike ball with "Volunteers" emblazoned across the rubber. Volunteers.  Growing up, I played basketball. I played for ten years. I wasn't always the best player on the court, but I loved the game. The pace. The adrenaline. I didn't just love playing; I loved watching. I loved watching... Continue Reading →

12 Struggles Bilinguals Know to Be True

If you speak two or more languages, you possess a very special skill set. But that skill set can often bring you des problèmes. Whether you grew up speaking two languages, majored in a language, or did a crap ton of Rosetta Stone, here are 12 problems with which you probably identify. 1. Americanized terms... Continue Reading →

Pure Procrastination

This little ditty (to the tune of Pure Imagination)  goes out to all of you who, like me, are procrastinating on the internet because we have reached the end of the semester. "Come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure procrastination Take a look and you'll see a lack of any concentration... Continue Reading →

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